The Extraordinary Speaker Private Circle

“Thrilled to welcome you to the perfect culmination of my global speaking journey! The Extraordinary Speaker Private Circle has been created as a result of many years and multiple requests from people asking HOW to create a successful speaking career. Countless clients and followers have asked  for advice or a simple session to “pick my brain” as my journey has been radically different and not the traditional path someone takes in building a speaking platform globally.  As an anomaly, people are fascinated with how I have thrown the rules out the window and  flipped everything on its head! Get ready…. because it is finally time to share with a very select few on how they can share their magic and let their light shine!”

“There are those times in your life that you meet someone extraordinary. You meet someone you have a connection with. And that happened to me with Holly Dowling. I was blessed to get to hear Holly speak and she saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself. She saw a light that I wasn’t really open enough to give yet. And by going through the Extraordinary Speaker series, I got the chance to get my message, to make it clear, and to make it resonate and really listen to what God has in store for me. Holly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing something in me that I didn’t even see in myself, and in turn your act is helping me to see all of the beauty in all of my 400 or so students. You have been a light and a spark in this world of darkness and I thank you. And to anyone who is thinking of joining the Extraordinary Speaker series. I would encourage you to do it! Listen to that voice! Let God guide you, and let Holly show you the way to get your message out  that is needed in this world. Thank you again Holly, and you are extraordinary!” ~ Angela Mannella-Hoffman

Do you have a message you would like the world to hear? Would you like to learn how to bring that message to stage with a “wow” factor and leave people begging you for more?

Join me in this first ever exclusive experience as I share deeply personal trade secrets:

  • How to craft your message and let your light shine
  • How to bring your message effectively to stage with “wow” 
  • How to create a speaking career in high demand with referrals

Learn how I broke all the rules in my 20+years speaking and my secret sauce for bringing it all together time and time again!

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