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Holly Dowling International Speaker

Finding Freedom

We all search for that effortless flow of life where everything with yourself, relationships, personal and professional life seems to fall into place. We love this utopic life perspective, but let’s face it, most of us rarely live it. 

Why is that?  Because far too many of us listen to our outside worlds and have no way of connecting with our Divine inside world. 

But this doesn’t have to be the case. 

And it all starts with understanding your Divine Neuro Acuity™ - aka your D.N.A. - and no, we aren’t talking about biology. We discuss understanding, connecting, and finding your flow in your Divine Neuro Acuity™.

You + me = Discover Your Authentic Leadership

During this 3 month mentorship, you and Holly will personally work together on:

Holly Dowling International Speaker
  • Break your Divine Neuro Acuity™ into the three critical areas of life: love, living, and leadership.

  • Understand the science and biology behind the human/Divine connection

  • Unlearn the social stories and subconscious sabotages that are stopping you from using your Divine Neuro Acuity™ to your advantage

  • Discover why soul care (not self-care) is what keeps you grounded and going

  • Learn how to see all areas of your life through your unique Divine Neuro Acuity™ lens

  • Uncover Authentic Leadership Within™ You

These one-on-one virtual sessions are designed to empower all areas of your life through the power of Divine Neuro Acuity™

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