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Holly Dowling International Speaker

Holly's Audiences Become 

Lasting change.

"Holly is an amazing leader with extraordinary ability to engage, encourage & inspire people. She was instrumental in helping ANM adopt the strengths based leadership fundamentals and bring the entire leadership team together."

Raminder Mann | Chief Executive Officer | ANM

strengthen teams

"Holly helped me and my team break down the stubborn virtual walls that existed after the
pandemic started through the curriculum in her Extraordinary Leader Program. We were a brand
new team which many of us had never met in person! She effectively helped us not only come together mentally and emotionally as a team, but helped us weave joy, compassion and empathy into the way we were showing up to our teams during one of the most difficult times to be a leader. Thank you Holly!"

Sharon Martin | Cisco Systems Engineering Director | US Public Sector West

energized + Committed

"We engaged Holly for a three-part virtual version of her Extraordinary You program for a group
of women managers, and she was fantastic!! I have attended her in-person sessions in the past,
and I was amazed at how she was able to translate her encouraged level of interaction into a
virtual environment. Her passion and energy shines through the camera, and her delivery and
story-telling is truly engaging. Our participants left feeling inspired, energized, and committed to
their own development. Thank you, Holly!!"

Julie Gogolski | Deloitte CBO Leadership

lasting leader development

"After the Extraordinary Leader program, my leadership team is forever changed for the better. We are stronger as individuals because we know our strengths in a new way that will allow us to execute on them, as well as navigate what we dread. We will show up as leaders who have a better understanding of our teams, that care about our teams, and pay attention to what they need. I believe we successfully began to transform our organization after one day with Holly to realize the strengths of ourselves and others and make SLED East the destination."

Shannon Leininger | Area Vice President | US SLED East Sales

Holly Dowling International Speaker


"I just attended the Cisco virtual Women of Impact conference and wanted to share with you that you are the most amazing, influential speaker I have ever known in my life. I have attended dozens of conferences in my 30 years working in HR and you are the absolute best speaker & motivator. You are extremely impactful and I have learned so much today. I am going to do the 5/ 5 / 5 goal you recommended but I think I’ll start with 2."

Terry Milot | Talent Acquisition Leader | Iron Bow Technologies

Tactical takaways

"Women of Meraki hosted an ‘Extraordinary You’ session with Holly for our Women of Cisco and Meraki communities. We loved Holly’s energy, and insights and really appreciated the tactical tips we could take away after the session to work on becoming our best professional and personal selves. It was a joy to work with Holly, her special guest and team as they shared their stories and life experiences. We had a lot of positive feedback from a 200+ person audience; we were blown away with the attendance and the engagement from attendees. Thank you!" 

Helen Fraem | Cisco WoM



loved + implemented
"It is my pleasure to acknowledge and praise Holly for her “Extraordinary You, Awaken the Power Within” presentation that she shared with our Dance Studio Owners Inner Circle in 2019. Holly’s energy, empathy and humor captivated our audience of 120+ attendees from the moment she began speaking. Holly’s presentation was engaging, humorous and real. She was among our highest-rated speakers and provided valuable takeaways that our members have both loved
and implemented in their dance studios around the world. 
I highly recommend Holly as a speaker or contributor to anyone who wants to inspire their
audience and broaden their impact."

Clint Salter | CEO | Dance Studio Owners Association

Holly Dowling Extraordinary You Book Cover


thought provoking

"A great leader is someone through enthusiasm, organization, showmanship, and charisma can
make a subject truly come alive. Holly demonstrated her leadership and strengths delivering her Extraordinary leadership program for our senior leaders. Balancing thought-provoking data,
engaging discussions and practical tips for leaders to keep things simple and human centered,
Holly ignited the hearts and minds of our leaders. Her diligence in preparation to truly understand our company’s objectives and bring them to life makes her truly Extraordinary. It was such a s pleasure to work with Holly. She lives her words – Know me, Care about me, and Pay attention to me - making those around her feel seen, heard, and appreciated."

Michelle Stokes | Enterprise Learning Lead | Organon


pulls teams together

""Holly’s passion and intent is special. She has an incredible ability to pull a team together, create stronger bonds and make everyone better around her in a day. That’s a rare gift. I have participated in a lot of trainings, but Holly is memorable and that is what’s unique. Her messaging and content is impactful and we all feel accountable to her and each member on the team. I just love her and the energy that she creates." Scott Aaron |  Director of Sales | Cisco


"Holly was very interactive and engaging with our audience. She took the time to get to know Marco as a company and many of our leaders so she could tie it into her message. Attendees found her to be empowering and really enjoyed her content. I would highly recommend Holly and her passion in making sure we had a great experience."
Patty Funk | VP of Marketing | Marco


Holly Dowling International Speaker
Holly Dowling International Speaker

Let’s take all of the years of personal and professional development and transform that head knowledge into real-world leadership skills to positively affect all areas of your life with Divine Neuro Acuity™.

Yes, let's tap into the authentic leadership within™ you. 

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